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You are my destiny - Japanese version

you are my destiny

Fated to love you, the Korean version of You are my destiny is one of my all time favorite Kdramas.

So when I read Ruth Navarra's post about Japanese drama's for K-drama lovers, in which she recommends the Japanese version, I figured: why not try it. To be precise, this is what Ruth wrote about You are my destiny:

'The Japanese version with Takimoto Mioro and Kizu Takumi is refreshing because it let go of the over-the-top acting and side stories.' 

But what a waste of time it turned out to be...

You are my destiny - Japanese version

The Japanese version of Fated to love you follows the same storyline more or less. It's about a very timid girl, named Aya in the Japanese version, who lets people run roughshod over her. She works at an office and her colleagues put post-its with requests on Aya for things they want her to do for them.

Accidentally sleeping together

One of her male colleagues seems to have a genuine interest in her, and invites her for a trip. He turns out to be a real douche, and she accidentally ends up sleeping with Ichijo Kei, the young successor of a large company. He's under pressure to marry someone and produce an heir, because all the males of the family have a tendency to die young.

Anyway, Aya ends up pregnant and they get married. But Ichijo Kei is still in love with his girlfriend Anna.

If you've seen Fated to love you, you'll recognize the storyline.

You are my destiny versus Fated to love you

One of the differences between the Japanese and the Korean version is that there's no mention of Huntington's chorea, which plays a big part in the Korean version. In fact it's the reason they break up.

But the biggest difference is the ending.

Spoiler alert!

Aya leaves to become her own person or something. It is not a happy ending. She leaves Ichiji Key crying behind her.

Trailer of You are my destiny 

Why I did NOT like You are my destiny

I feel that the actress playing Aya was painfully miscast. She was also very annoying. And the actor playing Ichiji Kei couldn't act his way out of a box if you ask me.

You are my destiny is annoying, painful to watch, boring and it has a sad ending.

I do not recommend this Japanese drama at all. Just watch Fated to love you, the Korean version. It's even available on Netflix!

I would rate it a 4. On My DramaList it got a 6,6 which is very generous.

Practical information about You are my destiny.

There are 10 episodes of about 30 minutes of You are my destiny. That's 300 minutes of my life I'll never get back. I watched it on


  1. So I've seen all the you are my destiny and fated to you series and so I was curious how they would wrap up the series in such a short timeline. I thought they did alright following the Taiwanese version which is why the ending surprise me but I definitely feel it was left open like that so there can be a season 2. Think about GOOD MORNING CALL AND MISCHIEVOUS KISS

  2. That’s the ONLY way they can redeem themselves. Too much was left unsaid and unresolved. I like that Kei finally put her happiness before his own but to end that way with that ridiculous “Dylan” character was just so disappointing. I’m with this author. It’s 300 minutes I’ll never get back. WASTE. OF. TIME.