Kdrama Welcome or Meow, The secret boy

Meow, The secret boy

If you're in the mood for a sweet, simple Kdrama that won't break your heart, you might try Welcome, also known as Meow, The secret boy.

Meow, The secret boy

Soh Ah is a graphic designer and has a long time crush on Seo Ji Hoon. They almost got together once, but suddenly Seo Ji Hoon started giving her the cold shoulder. Later on it of course turns out, it was all a misunderstanding. But by then Sol Ah has developed feelings for Hong Jo, who is a... cat!

How can you fall in love with a cat?

Hong Jo is not just any cat. He turns into a human when he's around Soh Ah. Because of yet another misunderstanding Sol Ah and Hong Jo live together. Which makes Meow, The secret boy a cohabitation drama. I always love those.

Sol Ah thinks Hong Jo is her new stepbrother Bang Gook Bong, which explains why she has no problem with Hong Jo living in the same house as her. Anyway, Hong Jo sometimes is a cat, and other times he's a man. He's very sweet, calm and understanding of Sol Ah, and I totally get why she falls in love with him.

The big reveal: the man I like is a cat?!

Once Sol Ah discovers that Hong Jo is also her cat, she gets all confused and starts distancing herself from Hong Jo. Luckily this doesn't last too long, and they get together again.

Not much happens, but that's okay. Meow, The secret boy is a sweet and kind of tranquil Kdrama. There are not a lot of twists and turns.

It's mostly about Sol Ah and Hong Jo finding their way. They're very sweet together, and cuddle frequently.

Secondary storyline

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. There's a secondary storyline, which I found boring. I confess I fast forwarded those scenes....

Meow, The secret boy trailer

Summing up - spoiler alert about the ending

I wanted Sol Ah and Hong Jo to live happily ever after, and I thínk they do. Kind of. I'm not altogether sure. But, I do think they'll stay together, so that's okay then. I like my Kdramas with a happy ending.

Meow, The secret boy got a 7,8 on MyDramalist. I would give it an 8.2.

Practical information

You can watch Meow, The secret boy on Viki. I watched it on kissasian.sh. It's got 24 short episodes, or 12 'normal' episodes.

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