This Guy Is the Biggest Mistake in My Life - Japanese drama

When I want to watch something light and easy, I tend to look for a Japanese drama. They're generally short and simple.

Which is how I came to watch the Japanese drama This Guy Is The Biggest Mistake in My Life.

I have to say, it was one of the quirkiest dramas I've seen so far.

This Guy Is The Biggest Mistake in My Life

Sato Yui works at Amagi Pharmaceutical Company. One day she's sad because her beloved dog died. She's drinking alone in a bar and wishes someone would develop a medicine to bring pets back to life.

Enter Amagi Kyoichi, the CEO of Amagi Pharmaceutical Company.

He heard Sato, and tells her that's a stupid thing to say. Sato then gets angry, and trips him leaving him behind her on the floor.

And that's how it all starts.

Her boss likes her because she treats him like dirt

Because she treats him like dirt, he falls head over heels in love with her. He seems to get a kick out of getting treated badly. He even begs her to treat him like a dog.

No matter how hard Sato tries, she can't get rid of him.
The worse she treats him, the more he likes her.

Now, you may think this all sounds like some kind of strange sexual fetish, but there's nothing untoward about this Japanese drama. But strange? Yes, thát it definitely is.

Ending is disappointing

I kind of liked this Japanese drama, except for the ending. Sato shows little or no insight into her own emotions. As a viewer you kind of think she has fallen for Amagi Kyoichi, which is what you want. At least I did. But Sato keeps denying she likes him.

Summing up

This Guy Is The Biggest Mistake in My Life is a cute Japanese drama that's easy on the eye and soul. Especially if you've just been through the wringer watching a sad Kdrama. It's a pity about the ending.

This Japanese drama got a 7.1 on MyDramaList which is a rating I agree with.

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