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Kdrama monthly magazine

I greatly enjoyed the Kdrama Monthly Magazine Home!

I think it's one of those underrated Korean dramas that didn't get the attention and applause it deserved.

Having said that: it's not pushing boundaries or being very original.

But that's what I loved about it: Monthly Magazine Home embraces some of my favorite classic tropes like hate to love and cohabitation!

Monthly Magazine Home: the story

The female lead is Na Young Won. She's worked very hard, and endured lots of hardships. But in spite of her hard work as a senior editor, she's still dirt poor. She even loses her rental home when the cold CEO Yoo Ja buys her house.

Her friend helps her get a job at the monthly magazine Monthly House she works for. And you'll never guess who's her new boss! That's right, none other than Yoo Ya who made her homeless!

Now, this could have been cause for Na Young Won to be all: 'I'm going to get revenge on Yoo Ya,' but instead she just gets on with it.  She works hard and tries to write the kind of articles Yoo Ya wants.

Slowly but surely they start to have feelings for each other, and romance blossoms.

3 reasons why I love this Kdrama

  1. I really like Na Young Won's character. I dislike those 'feisty' female leads who are angry all the time and want to get revenge.
  2. I loved the small ways in which you see the hard-as-nails CEO Yoo Ya falling for Na Young Won. I especially loved the scene in which he drives at a snail's place on the highway to not disturb Na Young Won in her sleep. It was so sweet!
  3. There's a bit of cohabitation in this Kdrama! Na Young Won lives with Yoo Ya for a short while. 
  4. It's got Kim Won Hae Choi Go in it as Monthly House' editor-in-chief. I have loved him ever since I saw him in Strong Woman Bong Soon.

What's not to like about Monthly Magazine?

At the end it dragged a bit. It would have been fine if they'd stopped at the 9th episode, after Na Young Won and Yoo Ya get together. Everything after that felt a bit superfluous. Like they had to wring out 7 more episodes.

I didn't like the way Na Young Won suddenly and abruptly left Yoo Ya's home, nor did I like it that she felt the unnecessary need to break up with him in the last episode!

Like I said: they should have quit while they were ahead.

Trailer Monthly Magazine

Watch the trailer of Montly Magazine. Just press cc and you get English subs.

Summing up

If you like the old fashioned Kdramas, with simple tropes like a mean boss and some cohabitation thrown in there, you're gonna like Monthly Magazine Home.

But if you're into cutting edge Kdramas that go where no Kdrama has gone before, this one is not for you.

It was rated a 7.7 on MyDramalist which seems a bit low to me. 

I would rate the first 9 episodes a 9! 

The ones after that a 5.

Practical info

There are 16 episodes. I watched Monthly Magazine Home on kissasian.ch. It's also available on Viki.

Have you watched this Kdrama? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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