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My roommate is a gumiho


It's been some time since I watched a Kdrama I really, really liked.

And that's My roommate is a Gumiho.

The reason I loved it so much is that the main leads are really into each other. And they're not trying to hide it or playing games.

Sure, there's some sacrificing themselves to spare the other, but neither the lead nor we as viewers have to suffer long! 

If you like Kdramas where the leads really like each other, and are not annoying at all, My roommate is Gumiho may be just the thing for you!

Also, it's a cohabitation Kdrama which is my favorite genre!

My roommate is a Gumiho: what's it all about?

One night Lee Dam a university student, is taking her very drunk friend home. Because of his stumbling she accidentally swallows WooYeo's bead! Woo Yeo is a Gumiho and I don't know what the bead is for exactly, but let's just say it's not healthy for a human to have it inside their body.

Yes people, only in Kdrama!


Woo Yeo wants to become human, and he needs the bead for that. So he explains his predicament to Lee Dam and asks her to come and live with him. There's the cohabitation part!

Sure enough, they start developing feelings for one another.

There are some complications of course, like an annoying ghost or something that ties Lee Dam with a red ribbon to the second lead, but I'm glad to say he never stood a chance.


There's also a nice amount of skinship in My roommate is a Gumiho. They even sleep in the same bed sometimes.

Trailer My roommate is a Gumiho

Even if you don't do anything else: just watch this trailer and enjoy the deep voice of Jang Ki-Yong!

6 things I especially loved about My roommate is a Gumiho

  1. It's a cohabitation Kdrama
  2. I love the deep voice of Woo Yeo played by Jang Ki-Yong. It's just a beautiful as Lee Sun-Kyun's voice in My Mister
  3. The main leads like each other, and they're not afraid to show it
  4. It's sweet!
  5. There's skinship and a nice amount of kissing.
  6. Lee Dam hugs Woo Yeo too! She puts her arms around him. I much prefer that to the female lead just standing there all passive, letting the main lead hug her.

Summing up my Roommate is a Gumiho

I can't recommend this Kdrama enough! So I don't want to hold you up by writing about it. Just go and watch it, and have a great time!

And then please come back here, and tell me what you thought!

P.S. This Kdrama got a 8,5 on MyDramalist which is well deserved I think.
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