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Lovestruck in the city

I don't think I've ever hated a female character as much as I did Lee Eun Oh in Lovestruck in the city. She's really terrible

She's selfish, rude, walks all over other people's feelings, and then has the audacity to act like she's the victim.

The only reason I watched all 17 (short) episodes is that I watched this Kdrama with my daughter. And she kind of liked it. So I hung in there.

But it was hard going.

Lovestruck in the city

Lovestruck in the city is not my kind of Kdrama. Apart from the obnoxious Lee Eun Oh, there are way too many characters to my liking. There are in fact 6 main characters.

Their story is told  like it's a documentary, and they're being interviewed. It's almost like a kind of collage. Different pieces and stories put together in one Kdrama.

But the main storyline is the story of the terrible Lee Eun Oh and Park Jae Won who is played by the great Ji Chang Wook.

Lovestory between Lee Eun Oh and Park Jae Won

Park Jae Won is on vacation and meets Lee Eun Oh, who is 'free spirited'. But I would call her callous and selfish. They fall in love, and even kind of get married. 

But then Lee Eun Oh just disappears, and takes with her his expensive cameras. Park Jae Won is heartbroken, and can't move on. This greatly annoys Lee Eun Oh, because like I said: she's a bxch.

Anyway, Park Jae Won actually forgives her, which mystifies me, and they get together.

Lovestruck in the city: I do NOT recommend it

I do NOT recommend Love struck in the city, even though Ji Chang Wook is in it. I found it impossible to care if they got together again, in fact, I had rather they didn't!

Also, even though it's a cute and original way to tell a story, I didn't particularly like the way it was done.

Lovestruck in the city got a rating of 8 on MyDramalist, but I would rate it a 2. 

I'm not even going to bother to show a trailer....

Lovestruck on the city is on Netflix

If you want to watch this frustrating and annoying Kdrama you can do so on Netflix.

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