Korean movie Parasite

The Korean movie Parasite won 4 Academy Awards!

Impressive, right?

So what is this movie all about?

Parasite: the story - contains spoilers
Parasite is the story of the Kim family. They're very poor and live in a basement. There's
father Ki-taek, mother Chung-sook, daughter Ki-jung and son Ki-woo .

Then one day Ki-woo's friend asks him to replace him as a tutor for this young girl of a rich family: The Park family.

Once he's successfully installed as an English tutor, Ki-woo sees an opportunity to get his sister Ki-jung a job. She poses as an art therapist, and will supposedly help the Park family's youngest son to get over some trauma.

Ki-jung then gets rid of the Park family's chauffeur, and recommends her father for the job. He then gets rid of the housekeeper, and voila Now the whole Kim family has a job working for the Park family.

They could have lived happily ever after I suppose.

But they don't.

So what went wrong?
When the Park family leave for a ca…

Kdrama Touch: lukewarm male lead

The first time I started watching Kdrama Touch, I stopped watching after 10 minutes because I thought it was annoying.

But then I decided to give it another go, and it was alright.

I was, of course in it, for the romance.

But I had to wait 14 episodes for them to get together. And even then it was all very lukewarm.

So here's my review.

Touch: the story
Touch is about Cha Jung Hyeok and Han Soo Yeon. Cha Jung Hyeok is a popular make-up artist, who's very expensive and exclusive. He meets Han Soo Yeon when he's doing her make-up. They kind of get off on the wrong foot, because Han Soo Yeon thinks he didn't get it quite right.

Anyway, Han Soo Yeon has been an idol trainee for 10 years, and when she finally gets a break something happens and she's booted from the program. That's how she ends up working for Cha Jung Hyeok.

Cha Junk Hyeok then gets cheated and loses everything: his business and his reputation. Thanks to Han Soo Yeon he kind of gets back on his feet.

My Holo Love: romance and action

Imagine you're lonely. Then someone secretly puts a pair of glasses in your pocket and when you put them one, this handsome guy appears. His name is Holo, and his sole goal is to make you happy!

That's what happens to Han So Yeon, who is an assistant manager at a glasses company. She's lonely because she suffers from prosopagnosia the inability to recognize faces.

This is part of the story of Kdrama My Holo Love.

My Holo Love
At first Han So Yeon thinks she's seeing a ghost when she sees Holo, but soon she gets used to him, and then falls in love with him. Things start to get interesting when she starts longing for physical contact with Holo.

Unfortunately that's when this Kdrama takes a turn for the worst. The romance angle is put on the back burner, and it becomes more of a mystery/action kind of drama.

Go Nan Do versus Holo
Go Nan Do is the owner of the IT research company. He's a genius, and invented Holo. He's very lonely too, and still suffers becaus…

Kdrama Chocolate: a lot of cooking and pinches of romance

Kdrama Chocolate starts very promising. It tells the story of Lee Kang and Moon Cha Young. They meet as children, and have an immediate connection. But their paths take them in different directions and it's only when they're adults they meet again.

When they meet again, she's his best friend's girlfriend
Unfortunately Lee Kang meets Moon Cha Young as his best friend's girlfriend ánd he doesn't recognize her.

Moon Cha Young does recognize Lee Kang; she's never forgotten him. Soon after their meeting, she ends her relationship with his best friend, which angers Lee Kang. He sees her as the woman who callously broke his best friends' heart.

Whenever they meet Lee Kang seems to actively dislike Moon Cha Young, and she takes it 'lying down'. She doesn't speak up for herself, nor does she tell him they're kind of old friends.

Falling in love

Several years go by, and they both end up working at the same hospice. Slowly Lee Kang starts to apprec…

Kdrama The Successful Story Of A Bright Girl

Ever since watching Fated to love you, I really like Jang Hyuk. Which is why I watched a Kdrama that's not just a couple of years old.

I watched The Successful Story Of A Bright Girl which was made in... 2002. A whopping 18 year ago.
But you know, I really like the old fashioned Kdrama tropes, where a spoilt chaebol meets a sweet girl, they meet, they hate each other and then they fall in love.

So I decided to give The Successful Story Of A Bright Girl a try.

The Successful Story Of A Bright Girl: the story
Yangsoon, played by Jang Na Ra is a poor girl, who lives with her grandmother on a mountain. Her parents are swindlers, and lots of people blame Yangsoon for the sins of her parents. Which is why they force her to quit school, and start working to pay off her parent's debts.

While taking a bath Kitea falls from the sky, right into her bathtub. It sounds strange, but it totally makes sense if you watch this drama.

Anyway, that's their first meeting.

Working as a housema…

Kdrama My love Eun Dong

If you're scraping the barrel to find a romantic Kdrama you háven't watched yet, you might come across My love Eun Dong.

That's what I did.

The thing about older Kdramas is that they can look a bit dated. The stories are still great, but I often cringe at the horrendous hairstyles and clothes. But anyway, like I said, if you're really struggling to find a great Kdrama to watch, you're prepared to overlook these things!

You have to, if you want to watch more Kdramas!

I can't quite remember how I stumbled across My love Eun Dong. It's a romantic drama, but not my favorite kind of storyline. The two main characters already have a shared history.

My love Eun Dong
Ji Eun-ho and Ji Eun-dong first meet when they're young. Even then, they gravitate towards each other. Unfortunately they lose contact. So Ji Eun-ho decided to become an actor, just so he can find Ji Eun-dong again. How is that, for job motivation.

He succeeds  and becomes a famous actor. He then …