Business proposal Korean drama

business proposal kdrama

It's been a while since I last read about a Kdrama and thought: 'I wanna watch this one!'

But when I read about Business proposal my heart skipped a beat.

Because Kdramas with fake relationships and marriage contracts are my favorite kind!

So, what's Business proposal all about?

Kdrama Business proposal

It all starts with Kang Tae Mue, CEO of a company his grandfather founded. His grandfather wants him to get married and forces him to go on blind dates.

But Kang Tae Mue doesn't want to.

He's all business.

However he gives in to his grandfather's wishes and goes on a date with Jin Young Seo.

Or so he thinks.

When Shin Ha Ri met Kang Tae Mue

Because Jin Young Seo didn't want to go on a blind date either, and pressured her friend Shin Ha Ri into going in her place. Their plan is for Shin Ha Ri to behave so obnoxiously that Kang Tae Mue will never ever want to see her again.

But no matter how cringey Shin Ha Ri is, and she really is, Kang Tae Mue isn't turned off.

In fact, he decides she's the perfect woman to fake a relationship with, and get his grandfather off his back. H

e even blackmails her into participating.

So far, nothing new.

But that's okay.

Because the fake relationship trope is great just as it is.

Business proposal Kdrama trailer!

Kdrama Business proposal: not quite as good as I had hoped

So, even though I love, love, love the storyline I feel like Business proposal loses momentum. After loving the first 6 episodes I started to lose interest.

Maybe it's because Kang Tae Mue is no longer oblivious to his own feelings. He realizes he really likes Shin Ha Ri, and is all in.

Which was nice, but after a while I started to feel the story had been told. Which is probably why there are only 12 episodes.

Also I did not like the second storyline of Kang Tae Mue's friend and Shin Har Ri's friend very much. Then again: I never do appreciate the secondary storylines in Kdramas. 

I only wanna watch the main story ; )

Kdrama Business proposal: skinship

There's a certain amount of skinship in Business proposal. Although the kissing could have been better, there's actually a little bit of a bedroom scene. Something which doesn't happen very often in Kdramas in my experience.

Summing up

Business proposal is a nice Korean drama, but not great. However it's very safe to watch, as you don't have to worry about your heart getting broken.

Business proposal is rated 8.8 on DramaCool

I think it deserves an 8.

Watch Business proposal

You can actually watch Business proposal on Netflix! Or on Viki of course.

How did you like Business proposal?
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  1. Ik heb dank zij jouw blog Huisvlijt het K-drama leren kennen en geniet er nu geregeld van. Wat ik ook zo fijn vind aan K-drama is dat de personages zo aardig voor elkaar zijn. Ze bieden elkaar alsmaar eten aan en proberen elkaar te helpen om de problemen van het leven het hoofd te bieden. Ik zag net Hello me. En eerder Hometown Cha-cha-cha. Fijn hoor. Groetjes, Alice K. PS: Busines proposal staat nog op mijn lijst...


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