Rinko Wants to Try: bitesized romantic drama

Rinko Wants to Try

I just finished the 8th episode of the Japanese drama Rinko Wants to Try, which I greatly enjoyed!

If you're looking for a bitesized romantic drama, that won't blow your socks off in terms of originality, but does have all the right ingredients, you're in for a treat!

Rinko wants to try: the story

Rinko is a successful career woman. She works as a wedding planner and is doing well. However she's got a bit of a crush on the company's photographer. But because she's still a virgin at 27 years, she feels very insecure around him.

'Let's help each other get rid of our virginity'

So when she hears that company heart throb, Kamisaka Gen is also a virgin, she takes matters into her own hands. 

She suggests they help each other to get rid of their pesky virginity. 

They end up on a bed in a hotel in the first episode! You can't say Japanese dramas take things slow! Rinko gets cold feet, but then gathers her courage and they eventually do the deed, which is filmed rather nicely and romantically.

Afterwards Rinko realizes that she's still very inexperienced. So she asks Kamisaka to continue their collaboration, until they each feel more confident.

Harlequin novel in Japanese drama format

As expected Rinko and Kamisaka develop romantic feelings for each other. And that's lovely to see. Throw in a couple of very silly misunderstandings, mix in some other possible love interests, and you've got a lovely romantic story about two people who manage to find each other.

What I think about Rinko wants to try

I think this is a great little romantic drama, that hits just the spot! Sure, I found Rinko kind of stupid sometimes. She really does look like butter won't melt in her mouth, which is kind of annoying. But overall she was alright.

Kamisaka Gen however was more than alright. I really liked him. He's sweet, gentle but also kind of aloof and interesting.

Summing up: I highly recommend this drama

If you like uncomplicated romantic dramas, this one's for you! On MyDramalist it was rated 7.6. But I think it's worth 8.5!

Practical information

I watched Rinko Wants to try on Kissasian. You can also try Dramacool.

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