Chocolate and Vanilla: quick dose of romance

Chocolate and Vanilla

Do you need a quick dose of romance?

Then I recommend the Japanese drama Chocolate and Vanilla.

It's sweet, there's lots of romance, and it's fast.

The male lead deflowers the female lead at the end of the first episode. And the episode is only 24 minutes!

It doesn't get any faster than that ; )

And the strange thing is, it totally makes sense. As a viewer, you don't get the feeling things are rushed in Chocolate and Vanilla.

No, after only 24 minutes it makes perfect sense they kiss and make love.

Chocolate and Vanilla: the story

Chocolate and Vanilla is an adaptation of a Japanese josei manga series by Takara Akegami.

It's about the naive Risa Shiroki and Hiroto Fukami. Twenty year old Risa Shiroki is what you would call a 'country bumpkin'. She is pretty but very shy. The male students like her, but Risa doesn't know what to do with their attention.

Hiroto Fukami to the rescue

One day she's having a nice cup of coffee when she gets pestered by a man. Suddenly thirty year old Hiroto Fukami rescues her, saying he's her boyfriend.

Hiroto Fukami is a man of the world. He's a succesful businessman and Risa can't imagine he'd be interested in her.

But it turns out, he is!

It's a very simple story

All in all it's a very simple story. Shy girl meets succesful and suave businessman. They fall in love, overcome some obstacles, and then they live happily ever after.

Why should you watch Chocolate and Vanilla?

Well, you shouldn't if you like your drama's with well thought out storylines and lots of character development. Also, if you like your female lead to be strong and sassy, you won't like Risa.

However if you like your dramas sweet, simple and romantic Chocolate and vanilla may be just to your liking.

I liked it!

I liked the way Hiroto Fukami hugs Risa, and how he loves her.

Chocolate and Vanilla episode 1

I couldn't find a trailer. So here's the first episode which I found on Youtube.

Summing up

Chocolate and Vanilla is an uncomplicated Japanese drama that provides lots of romance and a simple storyline.

Practical information about Chocolate and Vanilla

There are 10 episodes of 24 minutes each. So it's an easy watch. I watched this Japanese drama on But it's also available on Youtube.

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