Korean movie Parasite


The Korean movie Parasite won 4 Academy Awards!

Impressive, right?

So what is this movie all about?

Parasite: the story - contains spoilers

Parasite is the story of the Kim family. They're very poor and live in a basement. There's
father Ki-taek, mother Chung-sook, daughter Ki-jung and son Ki-woo .

Then one day Ki-woo's friend asks him to replace him as a tutor for this young girl of a rich family: The Park family.

Once he's successfully installed as an English tutor, Ki-woo sees an opportunity to get his sister Ki-jung a job. She poses as an art therapist, and will supposedly help the Park family's youngest son to get over some trauma.

Ki-jung then gets rid of the Park family's chauffeur, and recommends her father for the job. He then gets rid of the housekeeper, and voila Now the whole Kim family has a job working for the Park family.

They could have lived happily ever after I suppose.

But they don't.

So what went wrong?

When the Park family leave for a camping trip, the Kims make themselves right at home. Then the doorbell rings. It's the housekeeper they got rid of. She asks if she can come in for a minute, because she left something behind in the house. Turns out, it's her husband!

He's been living in a secret basement room beneath the house.

Then the former housekeeper figures out what the Kim family has been up to, and threatens to tell the Park family. Things get ugly, and to top it all off: the Parks return early from their camping trip because it's raining.

The Kim family has to hide.

They then hear some unpleasant things about how the Park family thinks about them. You can see the hurt in Mr Kim's eyes, when he hears them saying he smells really bad.

Things come to an ugly head, when Mr Kim sees Mr Park recoil from the bad smell of the hidden husband. He stabs him and then successfully hides in the basement.

The movie ends with Ki-jung writing a new plan. He wants to get rich, and then buy the house the Park family lived in so they can be reunited.

About the title Parasite

At first you would think the Kims are the parasites. Living off the Park family. But it's also the other way around: the Parks have the Kims do everything for them. Teaching their children, housekeeping. grocery shopping etc.

Both families use the other.

But then there turns out to be a third parasite.

And I suppose that's a big part of the reason the whole mutually beneficial relationship between the Parks and the Kims crumbles. Though maybe it would have anyway. We'll never know that now I suppose.

What I think about Parasite 

Parasite is most definitely a movie, and not a Kdrama, because there's an actual sex scene in it. You would never see that in a Kdrama.

I thought it was amusing, but I'm not totally sure why it got 4 Oscars. But that's probably because I'm not a movie buff.

There's another thing that makes Parasite interesting, and that is that it shows the big gap between really rich people in South Korea, and those who are really, really poor....

Official trailer Parasite

Practical information: how and where to watch Parasite

How do you feel about Parasite?

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