Kdrama Touch: lukewarm male lead

The first time I started watching Kdrama Touch, I stopped watching after 10 minutes because I thought it was annoying.

But then I decided to give it another go, and it was alright.

I was, of course in it, for the romance.

But I had to wait 14 episodes for them to get together. And even then it was all very lukewarm.

So here's my review.

Touch: the story

Touch is about Cha Jung Hyeok and Han Soo Yeon. Cha Jung Hyeok is a popular make-up artist, who's very expensive and exclusive. He meets Han Soo Yeon when he's doing her make-up. They kind of get off on the wrong foot, because Han Soo Yeon thinks he didn't get it quite right.

Anyway, Han Soo Yeon has been an idol trainee for 10 years, and when she finally gets a break something happens and she's booted from the program. That's how she ends up working for Cha Jung Hyeok.

Cha Junk Hyeok then gets cheated and loses everything: his business and his reputation. Thanks to Han Soo Yeon he kind of gets back on his feet.

Where is the love?!

Touch could have been lovely. But I don't think it was. Cha Jung Hyeok just doesn't really seem to care all that much about Han Seo Yeon. Sure there are the usual Kdrama signals of the male lead liking the female lead, but it's all very lukewarm...

And when they finally hug in episode 14, Cha Jung Hyeok can't even be bothered to put both his arms around her! I mean, really!

And did they actually kiss in the end?

You know, I can't even remember.

Trailer of Touch

I couldn't find a trailer with English subs, so here's one without...

Summing up

Touch is not a great romantic drama. But if you don't mind the lack of passion and romance, I suppose it's alright. I would rate it a 6,5.

It got a 7.5 on DramaList, which is very kind and not much deserved in my humble opinion.

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