Kdrama with lots of kinship: I'm not a robot!

I'm not a robot

The male lead of I'm not a robot can't touch anyone, because he has a dangerous and severe allergy to human contact.

So isn't it a pleasant surprise that this Kdrama has lots of kinship?! Maybe even more than your average Korean drama.

I'm not a robot: the story

I’m Not a Robot is about this really wealthy but very lonely man Min Kyu. He lost his parents at a young age, and experienced such betrayal by the people surrounding him, he developed an allergy to human touch.

How lonely can you be: household appliances as friends

He surrounds himself with all kinds of household robots, like vacuum robots. In a way they've become his friends. Isn't that sad?! I certainly think so.

Human looking robot

So I loved it when he went and kind of bought himself a human looking robot. Only, unknown to Min Kyu, it's not really a robot. It's the developer's ex-girlfriend Jo Ji-ah. The thing is, there really is a human looking robot: Aji 3. But when they're ready to deliver her to Yoo Seung Ho, there's a problem. So they figure: 'We'll temporarily send Jo Ji-Ah, and then we'll send the real robot.'

I'm not a robot

Falling in love with a robot

Only the problems with Aji 3 take more time to fix than expected, and in the meantime Min Kyu falls in love with Jo Ji-ah. And she with him.

This is the main story line. Of course there are some secondary storylines, like the relationship between Hong Baek-kyun (the developer of Aji 3) and 'whatshername'. Alsof there's some conniving and backstabbing involving Min Kyu's company, and bad men trying to take it from him.

But I didn't really care about all that.

I cared about the romance between Min Kyu and Jo Ji-ah.

I'm not a robot: lots of kinship

I'm not a robot is one of the sweetest Kdramas I have seen. I don't know if it's because Jo Ji-ah pretended to be a robot, but there's lots of natural kinship and cuddling. I loved how lonely Min Kyu finds solace in Jo Jo-ahs arms.

I'm not a robot

And after the big reveal, when Min Kyu finds out the truth, and there's the inevitable break-up with lots of pain and anguish, they get back together, there's also lots of skinship. They're holding hands, and keep patting each other's head.

The kissing isn't bad either.

Trailer of I'm not a robot

Summing up

I highly recommend this Kdrama! I'm not a robot is a great and romantic love story. Yes there are about 2 episodes after the truth came out that are heartbreaking, but luckily it's only 2. It could have been worse! It could have been 4 episodes of heartbreak.

Is I'm not a robot for you?

If you really like sweet, romantic love stories with lots of kinship and not a lot of other complicated storylines, I'm not a robot is definitely for you!

But if you're into more complicated stories, with lots of twists and turns, then it may be too simple for your liking.

Practical information: it's on Netflix!

Good news! You can watch I'm not a robot on Netflix. If not, just try Kissasian.sh.

I'm not a robot got a rating of 8.6 on MyDramalist but I would rate it a 9!

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