Kdrama My Mister: not your average Kdrama

Kdrama My Mister

Usually I only watch romantic Kdramas.

So when Kdrama My Mister was released in 2018 I read what it was about, and decided it wasn't for me. It was about some old guy, a young girl, and how they helped each other or something.  But mostly, it was nót a romantic drama.

Therefore I was not interested.

Why I watched My Mister after all

However sometimes you get to a place in your life where you've watched all the good Kdramas! And some Chinese, Taiwanese en Japanese dramas too.

Yeah I know!

I hate it when that happens.

Anyway, that's how I started to think that maybe I should give My Mister a try. It was after all a story about love.

And I do like love!

I've finished all 16 episodes, and here's my review.

My Mister the story

Park Dong Hoon

My Mister is about Park Dong Hoon and Kan Yoon Hee. Park Dong Hoon is a very gentle engineer who's in his forties. He's married and has a son, who goes to school in the United States. I'm not exactly sure why, but Park Dong Hoon is quite unhappy. And that's before he finds out his wife is cheating on him with his mean boss!

Kang Yoon Hee

Kang Yoon Hee is a girl who has had a terrible and hard life. She has had to fend for herself, and has known little love and kindness in her life. She's a part-time worker at Dong Hoon's company ,and somehow gets involved in a ploy to get him fired. She manages to install a spyware app on Dong Hoon's phone and listens in on his life.

Slowly but surely she gets to know Dong Hoon, and they kind of develop a relationship.

This is where the romance part did NOT happen.

The trailer of My Mister

No, there really is no romance in My Mister!

Though I knéw this was NOT a romantic Kdrama, I kept hoping for romance. Because the budding relationship between Dong Hoon and Yoon Hee could have been so very romantic.

If they had done that, I think My Mister would be right up there with some of my favorite Kdramas like Goblin, Coffee Prince and Fated to love you.

Or is there?

I'm a romantic. So even though there's no obvious romance, if you want to see it, there is romance to be found in  My Mister.

Just not in the usual form.

Take this scene for example:

Even though they don't kiss or hold hands, there's definitely love there.

Other sweet and romantic parts are:

  • The way Dong Hoon almost subconsciously keeps looking for Yoon Hee at work and on the way home.
  • When Yoon Hee hears him asking for her in a restaurant, she runs like crazy to get there in time.
  • The scene where they both drink beer, and neither one wants to stop drinking first. They catch each other checking if the other one has finished, and then smile.
And the final scene does offer hope for a romance:

Summing up

My Mister is not your average Kdrama. There are no tropes, there's no obvious romance and it's kind of somber.

But it's a lovely Kdrama and I developed a bit of a crush on 'velvet voiced' Lee Seon Gyun ; )

So after finishing My Mister I'm going to watch My wife's having an affair this week.

Practical information about My Mister

I watched My Mister on Netflix! But it's also available on Viki.com and of course kissasian.sh.

It was rated 9.0 on iMDb and got a 9.1 on MyDramalist.

How did you feel about My Mister?

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