8 Kdramas I dropped and stopped watching

I love romantic Kdramas but there are quite a few I dropped and didn't finish. My reasons for dropping a drama usually are:

  • I lost interest
  • The female lead gets on my nerves so much, I really don't want to see her anymore

Losing interest in a Kdrama

Losing interest in a Kdrama sometimes happens because I stop caring about what happens to the main leads. They may have gotten together, so all is well, and I'm not all that interested in what happens next. Unless it's about their relationship, which it usually isn't. If it is, I'll probably keep watching.

The female lead is loud and annoying!

One of the female leads I don't like very much is Hwang Jung Eum. I find her very loud and irritating. In fact, when I see she's part of a Kdrama I may not start watching it at all.

The Storyline is hard to watch

I have difficulty with storylines where one of the main leads takes it upon themselves to protect the other one. But of course they don't explain this to their love interest. So they treat their lover like shit, which is really unpleasant to watch. Especially because they both suffer terribly because of it.

7 Kdramas I dropped + 1 in danger of dropping

  1. In time with you. It got boring and the female lead terribly annoying.
  2. Queen in Huyn's Man. Because of the great reviews, I tried this Kdrama two times. I got a lot further the second time, but never watched the final few episodes.
  3. Stars Falling From The Sky. This one was nice, but then there was an episode when the male lead had an accident, and I just didn't want to watch anymore misery.
  4. The Great Show. This Kdrama was not what I expected. I lacked very much in the romance department, which is why I stopped watching
  5. Faith. This one even had Lee Min Ho, but I never watched the final episodes. The storyline got all 'action movie' and I totally didn't care about the intrigues. I was in it for the romance!
  6. King2hearts. The male lead treated the female lead so badly in one episode I stopped watching.
  7. When a Man's in Love. This is one of the Kdramas I just couldn't take anymore. The female lead treated the male lead terribly. I just didn't want to watch anymore.
  8. Dinner mate is a Kdrama I'm currently watching, but I'm losing interest... The romance is lukewarm, and the female lead is loud, brass and annoying.
  9. Abyss. I watched this Kdrama with my daughter, but when they lost the 'bad guy' about 8 times in a row I got fed up. Also the female lead is very annoying, and there was way more intrigue than romance.

I'm not the only one dropping a Kdrama halfway through

Of course I'm not the only one who doesn't finish all episodes of a Kdrama. Here's a video of Marie Mauer in which she shares the Kdramas she dropped in 2019.

Soon to come: Kdramas I have watched more than once!

Which Kdramas did you stop watching and why?

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