Kdrama My love Eun Dong

My Love Eun Dong

If you're scraping the barrel to find a romantic Kdrama you háven't watched yet, you might come across My love Eun Dong.

That's what I did.

The thing about older Kdramas is that they can look a bit dated. The stories are still great, but I often cringe at the horrendous hairstyles and clothes. But anyway, like I said, if you're really struggling to find a great Kdrama to watch, you're prepared to overlook these things!

You have to, if you want to watch more Kdramas!

I can't quite remember how I stumbled across My love Eun Dong. It's a romantic drama, but not my favorite kind of storyline. The two main characters already have a shared history.

My love Eun Dong

Ji Eun-ho and Ji Eun-dong first meet when they're young. Even then, they gravitate towards each other. Unfortunately they lose contact. So Ji Eun-ho decided to become an actor, just so he can find Ji Eun-dong again. How is that, for job motivation.

He succeeds  and becomes a famous actor. He then hires a ghostwriter to write his autobiography. His autobiography is really about his longing for Ji Eun-Dong. His main goal is to find her again.

The thing is, the ghostwriter turns out to be his first love Ji Eun-dong! Go figure. Unfortunately, she's got amnesia, and got married. She even has a son.

At this point in the story I felt quite disappointed. 'How is this supposed to work?' I wondered. Because Ji Eun-dong seems to be in a very loving relationship with her husband.

But through working on Ji Eun-ho's autobiography Ji Eun-dongs memories slowly start to come back.

As it turns out her husband used her amnesia to bind her to him!

His manipulations put their marriage in a whole new light. And the bond between her and Ji Eun-ho turns out to be as strong as ever, which of course leads to all kinds of complications.

The trailer of My love Eun Dong

About My love Eun Dong: love and hate it

I loved this Kdrama and I also hated it. I loved the love between Ji Eun-ho and Ji Eun-dong. Most Kdramas show some (chaste) kissing, but in this Kdrama there are even two very discrete bed scenes.

I also loved Ji Eun-ho's longing for Ji Eun-dong and how he couldn't sleep knowing she was in the room next to him. In the end he starts going to her room, only to find her waiting for him on the stairs I loved that scene!

There are some great kissing scenes in this Kdrama!

Hated the husband!

But I hated her crippled husband who somehow managed to manoeuvre his sorry self in the role of the victim!

I mean come on! You married her under false pretenses! And then when she finds out and wishes to return to her real true love, you're the one that's hard done by?! I think not.

He even goes so far as to do a lame suicide attempt.

My love Eun Dong: summing up

My love Eun Dong is a bit different than most romantic Korean dramas. For one, the two leads are a bit older. It's also a bit more realistic than other Kdramas I watched.

If you love romantic Kdramas this one is worth trying!

Practical information about My love Eun Dong

I watched this Kdrama on kissasian.sh but it's also available on Viki. It's also known as This is my love. It got a 7.8 on MyDramalist which sounds fair. It's about what I would give it.

On Viki it got a 9.3 which is a bit high, I think.

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