Kdrama Melting me softly

Melting me softly

Melting me softly is the first Kdrama with Ji Chang-wook since he got out of the army. So it was a highly anticipated Kdrama for all his fans.

However, the general consensus about this Korean drama is that it kind of sucks. Especially the storyline gets a lot of flack. It's considered to be full of plotholes, and generally badly executed.

I'm sorry to say that I can't disagree with the critics. It was kind of a boring Kdrama, but it was watchable. And there's one big redeeming factor in Melting me softly, and that's the Shower Kiss!

I'll tell you all about it, so keep on reading ; )

Kdrama Melting me softly: what's it all about?

In Melting me softly Ma Dong-chan (Ji Chang-wook) and Ko Mi-ran (Won Jin-ah) participate in an experiment, where they are frozen for 24 hours. Unfortunately accidents happen, and they wake up 20 years later! So they're expecting the nineties, and find themselves in 2019 Korea. Twenty years is a long time, and their friends and family have moved on.

Body temperature of 31,5

As if that isn't bad enough, Ma Dong-chan en Ko Mi-ran have this really strange low body temperature: 31,5 to be exact. And when it starts climbing they feel sick, and risk death. So they have to be vigilant all the time, and make sure their heart rate and body temperature don't go up.

The romance factor

Keeping your temperature down can  be kind of hard when you're with the one you love. And of course Ma Dong-chan and Ko Mi-ran fall in love! And that's what I díd like about Melting me softly: 

the romance between Ma Dong-chan and Ko Mi-ran.

I especially like the way Ji Chang-wook shows his frustration when he can't keep on kissing Ko Mi-ran because of their rising temperatures. In fact this problem results in one of the best kissing scenes in Kdramas I've seen in a long time.

The shower kiss scene in Melting me softly

Ma Dong-chan starts kissing Ko Mi-ran, but within seconds their trackers start screeching alarmingly. You can see his frustration!

Then, in the next scene you see them in the shower, kissing passionately.


It's this scene that makes Melting me softly worth watching!

Summing up Melting me softly

Melting me softly is not considered a very good Kdrama. However the kissing scene is great. It got a 7,7 on Dramalist. I would rate it a 7.

Even though the story could have been much better, I definitely liked the romance in this drama.

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