Fight for my way: nice but not particularly special

Fight for my way

I watched Fight for my way with my daughter. If it hadn't been for her I don't think I would have watched all 16 episodes. After about episode 12 I wasn't all that interested in what happened anymore.

That is not to say that Fight for my way isn't a nice Kdrama.

But it's just that.


And quite forgettable.

Fight for my way: what's it all about?

Fight for my way tells the story of 4 friends. Normally that would be enough to have me running for the hills, because I don't like Kdramas with lots of storylines and multiple characters.

But here's the thing: even if a Kdrama revolves around one couple, there's almost always a secondary storyline. Which adds up to... yes 4 characters!

Which is why I figured I should at least try Fight for my way, because it would probably be just like a one-couple-kdrama.

Anyway, back to the storyline

Fight for my way

Storyline of Fight for my way

Fight for my way is about four friends, Ko Dong Man is working as a pest exterminator, which is not the greatest kind of job. He used to be a successful taekwondo athlete, but threw away his chance for success through some very mean manipulations of a spoiled and very annoying rich boy who has bleached his hair into oblivion.

His longtime friend Choi Ae Ra wants to become a television anchor, but works at the information desk of a department store.

Their friends Kim Joo Man and Baek Seol Hee have been dating for six years. But they are struggling a bit. Kim Joo Man feels guilty towards Baek Seol Hee, while she like to behave as his personal doormat. She's just fine with that, thank you.

So, what you see in 16 episodes is their struggles, as they find their way through life. The writers threw in a mystery element, but I could hardly care about it.

Romance in Fight for my way

I only watch romantic Kdramas. So where's the romance in Fight for my way?

Well, Ko Dong Man and Choi Ae Ra realize they like each other more than just friends. In fact Choi Ae Ra had a crush on Ko Dong Man a long time ago. It just took them a really long time to discover their love for each other.

Unfortunately I found their budding romance disappointing. I blame Choi Ae Ra. She's very, very annoying, and even when they're in love she's almost always angry with Ko Dong Man. Though I have to admit she does take care of him. But would it kill her to be a bit more loving? I think not.

Kissing scenes in Fight for my way

There are some reasonable nice kissing scenes in this drama. At least the female lead, Choi Ae Ra kind of kisses him back, which is definitely not a given in Kdrama romance.

But she keeps looking sullen!

Fight for my way: summing up

Fight for my way is a lighthearted Kdrama that's alright nice to watch, if only because of Park Seo-joon who plays Ko Dong Man. I have a soft spot for him every since his role in What's wrong with secretary Kim.

It's never heart wrenching, which can be a good thing. Especially if you're trying to recover from a Kdrama like Scarlet Heart.

But it's definitely no Goblin.

Fight for my way got an 8,6 on MyDramalist. But I would rate it a 7.

Trailer of Fight for my way

Have you seen this Kdrama? What do you think?

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  1. Oh, I really really loved this drama. The fierceness of Choi Ae Ra. The cuteness of Park Seo-Joon. I loved their interaction. And really loved their view on working life. On top of my list!


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