Kdrama Chocolate: a lot of cooking and pinches of romance

Kdrama Chocolate starts very promising. It tells the story of Lee Kang and Moon Cha Young. They meet as children, and have an immediate connection. But their paths take them in different directions and it's only when they're adults they meet again.

When they meet again, she's his best friend's girlfriend

Unfortunately Lee Kang meets Moon Cha Young as his best friend's girlfriend ánd he doesn't recognize her.

Moon Cha Young does recognize Lee Kang; she's never forgotten him. Soon after their meeting, she ends her relationship with his best friend, which angers Lee Kang. He sees her as the woman who callously broke his best friends' heart.

Whenever they meet Lee Kang seems to actively dislike Moon Cha Young, and she takes it 'lying down'. She doesn't speak up for herself, nor does she tell him they're kind of old friends.

Falling in love

Several years go by, and they both end up working at the same hospice. Slowly Lee Kang starts to appreciate Moon Cha Young, and eventually he falls in love with her.

That's the story in a nutshell.

What I think of Chocolate

Even though it starts very promising, in the end I was a bit disappointed in this drama. There are quite a lot of different storylines, and I'm not a fan of lots of stories in one Kdrama.

Show some spunk girl!

Also, I thought Moon Cha Young acted like a wet blanket the whole time. I mean sure, sometimes you have to take life on the chin, but she seems so bowed down all the time. Sometimes I wanted to kick her and tell her: 'Come on! Speak up girl!'

Is this a cooking show?

Then there's a whole lot of cooking and baking in Chocolate. Sometimes I almost felt like I was watching some cooking show. If you're really into cooking and baking you may like these scenes, but for me who mostly enjoys éáting not baking, it was a bit much.

Romance is a bit... lukewarm

Okay what else... Oh yes, I thought the romance was a bit lukewarm. I love romance in Kdramas, but in Chocolate it never really came alive for me. Except for one great scene, which I loved.

Moon Cha Young fell asleep on a bench leaning on Lee Kang's shoulder. So he stays on his knees in an awkward position so he doesn't disturb her sleep. That was a great scene!

At the end of this Kdrama there's this stupid trope where Moon Cha Young feels the need to break up with Lee Kang. I don't know why, and they don't see each other for a while. This did not make sense to me at all.

Summing up

If you like hospital dramas with lots of storylines and a pinch of lukewarm romance, you may enjoy Chocolate. Also, this Kdrama has a more grown-up vibe.

Chocolate got a 8,3 rating on MyDramalist. I would personally give it a 7.

It's okay.

Not great.

Chocolate trailer

Practical information about Chocolate

You can watch this Kdrama on Netflix!

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  1. Luke Warm inderdaad. Ik keek deze serie direct na When The Camellia Blooms.
    ( Gong Hyo-jin en Ha Ji Won zal ik blijven volgen zolang het kan).

    Ha Ji Won in Chocolate liet een "cute-sweet-shy" kant zien die ik nog nooit gezien heb bij haar. Wel romantisch , maar niet op deze manier. Verbreding van haar speelveld !

    1. De twee actrices hebben inderdaad wel wat van elkaar weg.


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