Kiss Goblin: short and sweet Kdrama with skinship and kisses

Kiss Goblin

If you feel like something lighthearted, you may like the Kdrama Kiss Goblin. It's a  sweet and bite sized Korean drama about a goblin who wants to become human. All he has to do is kiss 10 girls.

Kiss Goblin: what's it all about

Ban Sook has been a goblin for 160 years old and he's lonely. He doesn't want to be alone anymore so he wants to become human. The Goblin Queen tells him he has to kiss 10 girls to achieve this. Every time he kisses a girl he learns a new emotion. 

'But your heart's not in it'

Ban Sook looks like he knows what he's doing when it comes to kissing. But his heart isn't in it. He's only doing it because he has to. It reminded me of a country song:

'But your heart's not in it, and I don't want your body if your heart's not in it.' 

Then he meets Oh Yeon Ah. The first time she sees Ban Sook he's out there kissing yet another girl. She thinks he's a total player. But then they get to know each other, and Ban Sook manages to convince Oh Yeon Ah he's a goblin and is only kissing all those girls because he has to. She starts helping him to become human. But seeing him kissing other girls, becomes harder and harder as she starts falling in love with him.

While Ban Sook is trying to become a human, there's this exorcist who's out to kill Ban Sook. It turns out he can't kill humans so whenever he turns up Oh Yean Ah plasters herself all over Ban sook. Did I already mention this Kdrama has a nice amount of skinship?!

Kiss Goblin: cohabitation!

Yes, you read that right. This is a little bit of a cohabitation drama. To protect Ban Sook they decide to live together. I love all things cohabitation, so this was a bit of an extra treat.

Scenes from Kiss Goblin

Take a look at this great scene and get a feel for this Kdrama.

Summing up

Kiss Goblin is a short and sweet Kdrama. But, because it's so short, it's also a little bit shallow. Yes it's sweet, but I would have liked a bit more emotion and maybe, and I can't believe I'm saying this, a little bit more suffering so when they do get together it's even sweeter.

For a Kdrama there's a lot of kissing, and mouth-to-mouth action. And they don't even use backlighting to spoil the view of them kissing. 

All in all, this is a good romantic Kdrama! 

I recommend it.

Practical information

You can watch Kiss Goblin on or on KissAsian.

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