You make me dance: 'bite sized' Koreaans drama

You make me dance

Are you in the mood for something easy? A bite-sized Korean drama for example?

Then You make me dance may be just the thing!

This bite-sized Kdrama is sweet, romantic and all it takes is 12 minutes per episode.  With 8 episodes in total, You make me dance is ideal if you're in the mood for something easy and sweet.

You make me dance: what's it all about?

You make me dance tells the story of university student Song Shi On and debt collector Jin Hong Seok. Song Shi On lives on a rooftop apartment, but has some serious trouble paying his bills. 

Debt collector falls in love with person he's supposed to threaten

This is where Jin Hong Seok comes in! He's supposed to intimidate and threaten Song Shi On into paying his debts. But he develops a soft spot for Song Shi On, and slowly but surely he starts to fall in love with him. And I'm happy to report Song Shi On returns his feelings.

Since this is a short Korean drama, there are not too many obstacles. The obstacles that are there, won't cause you too many heartaches, because hey, this Kdrama is too short for some serious trouble.

Which is one of the reasons I liked it so much.

Trailer of You make me dance

So, summing up

If you like sweet, romantic Korean dramas where the mean guy falls for the person he's bothering, You make me dance should be just the thing.

I loved the romance!

You make me dance was rated an 8 on MyDramaList, which I totally agree with!

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